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Stephen Jennings is the founder of the Moscow- based Renaissance Group including Renaissance Capital - the leading investment bank in Russia, the Commonwealth of Independent States and sub-Saharan Africa. Born and schooled in Taranaki, he studied business and economics at Massey and Auckland, before joining the New Zealand Treasury. Later he worked with Credit Suisse First Boston before founding Renaissance Capital in Moscow in 1995. Today he is ranked by London’s Financial News as among the top 100 most influential people in European capital markets and has been described by a fellow banker as the only foreign oligarch in Russia   read full article


Inspirational speech by NZ's wealthiest Ex-Pat

This is an interesting guy! I read recently that he had sold off a part of his Moscow Company for US$350 million. So he must have some brains.
One of the problems he does not describe, is the general lack of excitement or even real interest around Politics in NZ. Yet it is so important in the wider picture. You can actually make a difference by getting involved. Join a Political Party, get active in what they do, and use that chance to have your say on issues that you believe in!

Do you think we are going to see NZ climb back up that ladder, or are we doomed to be a second class nation?


Inspirational speech by NZ's wealthiest Ex-Pat

Well said


Inspirational speech by NZ's wealthiest Ex-Pat

A guy who made his beans and carrots overseas is telling us we all need to stay in New Zealand. How very hypocritical coming from the man who pillaged Russia's assets from the poor in firesales and made billions of dollars in the process.


Inspirational speech by NZ's wealthiest Ex-Pat

We are just "Shuffling the deck chairs on the Titanic" Hah! Love that.

New Zealand has in being small, a massive natural advantage to take on the world with agility and innovation especially in this new age of the market, but we've gone and hamstrung ourselves like no end with political mismanagement and unwarranted intervention.

"This nation was built by risk-taking explorers and pioneers" & unfortunately this nation GDP per capita will continue to spiral past 27th (from 7th in the OECD in 1956) at the hands of minority & media pandering idiots.


Inspirational speech by NZ's wealthiest Ex-Pat

So yeah bloody good speech, and from a very successful kiwi.


Inspirational speech by NZ's wealthiest Ex-Pat

I see this name Ashley come up in quite a few Comments, and good on you for speaking out.
But I think your implied criticism is a bit out of line. Why, because he has made his money elsewhere, should he be crticised for saying what is painfully obvious to most of us. We need to find ways to keep our skilled and brightest people here, not have them drift overseas.
Stephen is using his skills to build the economies of Eastern Europe and now increasingly, North Africa, because he did drift off. The KEA Organisation is chock full of talneted Kiwis making their mark, and some their millions, in other countries.
If we can only face up to some of the triggers which drive them away, the country will be the better for it.
Political correctness. High taxes yet also steep Student Loan debts as well. If tax was low and we had student loans, or tax was high but no student loans, fine.
Social engineering (read Dog Chipping, Anti smacking, shower nozzle outputs, safety signs on farmers fences as examples).

He points to comparisons so often made with Singapore, Ireland, what is wrong with following some of their leads?


Inspirational speech by NZ's wealthiest Ex-Pat

I agree with what you are saying completely and he does make very valid points. I have no agenda against Jennings, I just find it a bit rich that a man who made his fortune overseas is telling us we all need to stay in New Zealand, that's all. Why is he building the economies of Eastern Europe and North Africa when he could be walking the talk in New Zealand?


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