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To celebrate the highly anticipated return of the inFamous franchise, PlayStation and Get Frank are giving you the chance to win the ultimate limited edition inFamous 2 prize pack. You'll get a inFamous 2 limited edition media kit and a pair of special edition inFamous 2 Puma shoes - you can pick either good or evil. Reluctant superhero Cole MacGrath returns for the second electrifying chapter in the blockbuster PS3 franchise, inFamous 2. Experience awesome cinematic game play in the historic southern city of New Marais. The decision between good and evil is yours. Gifted with extraordinary abilities, you alone have the power to save humanity,... read full article


inFamous 2. Being a hero is optional

procrastination indecision ambivalence lethargy slothiness layaboutability underachievement couchpotatoness and winning stuff on internet comps.


I'm infamous for my drinking ability!


eaaatttting lots of bad foods :p, spending tooooooo much time on facebook! procrastination when i should be studying for exams! :p the list goes on.....


I am infamous for eating my own vomit at a food eating challenge. I was chocking on the food we had to eat and threw up on my plate. There was no way i wanted to lose so put my face to the plate and slurp slurp hahahaa ou could hear the audience dry-retching lol


Infamous for not having any sort of verbal filter or being able to keep a secret. However, people keep telling me stuff!!


I'm famous for my uncanny ability to win competitions....hint hint!


I'm infamous (especially down at my local) for being completely whipped by my missus!


I am infamous for planking at my delicate age. Yeah I am older than John Key


I'm infamous at gaming, no one likes to play because they lose or the time

Lol its meant to say all not or, see thats another thing I'm infamous, my english on the internet


I'm infamous for being a jerk at parties.

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