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inFAMOUS is your chance to experience the blessing of super-human powers alongside the burden of super human responsibilities.     Bicycle messenger Cole Macgrath has woken up overnight to find out that a terrible explosion has taken place in his hometown, Empire City.  Empire City now stands on the brink of collapse, devastated by the mysterious explosion. The city is quarantined by the federal government and people have been left to fend for themselves.  Strangely, the explosion has left Cole with something extraordinary - super human abilities. With limited time to save the city and Cole’s new powers you get the chance to walk in... read full article



I would be Silver Surfer! And Id be a Super Villan, As they have more fun



Superman !!! gotta love those tights



I would be Mr Fantastic (Reed Richards) from the Fantastic Four. The ability to stretch any part of your body would certainly impress the ladies ;)



Doctor Manhattan for sure. Having the power to manipulate all matter and energy would make me unstoppable. A god if you wish :) And I would be swinging towards the side of good.. could end war and poverty for ever!!



After seeing X-Men Origins Wolverine recently it would have to be Logan of course fighting on whatever side fits my own personal agenda at the time.



i would be catwomen so sexy, charming and i would be on the good side. [video]mmjyV2Z7wLw[/video]



I would be Sylar from Heroes but be on the sdie of good ah. In the lastest season he gets even more powers and is indestructible, can change his face to anyone he touches and can destroy things. Awesome



Shadow Gouper MANNNNN



Powdered Toast Man! Why be a boring run of the mill superhero when you could fly backwards and have the unlimited power of toast?!?!?!



Wonder Woman! And as cliche as it might sound I would fight for the good of human kind.

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