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For some reason once upon a time, someone decreed that beer in bottles was classier and cooler and better than beer in cans. That bottles should forever and for always be the gold standard of drinking and quality beer. Well guess what, kemosabe? They were DEAD WRONG. Well at least that’s what I believe, and guess what…it’s my website! So get ready to be taken to Can School! I’m ready to present the argument that cans are superior to bottles….is there anyone out there with the plums to take me on? Let me present my arguments with numbers next to them: 1. Cans Are Opaque – Clearly the frontrunner in arguments against... read full article


In Defense of Canned Beer

...and how many micro brewers in NZ use cans (Leigh Sawmill?). It is not possible to have anything other than a pasteurised product in a can, whereas bottle condition beers are available. Generally speaking, here in NZ, what comes in a can is not worth drinking.


In Defense of Canned Beer

Leon Walker says: 13. You can shotgun a can. 15. You can build super sweet towers, walls hell even castles with your empty beer cans. The Two greatest reasons right there, the good ol' shotgun and castles, what more could you ask for??? Ask any student and you'll find the Dou Bro reigns supreme, and everyone knows were experts on the matter ;)


In Defense of Canned Beer

Yeah cans are ok,im in the middle tho. Metal is way more heat conductive so if you like to enjoy your beer and not just chug(which cans are great for) then you end up with the end of the beer tasting like something you'd find in the bottom of your recycling bin. Not to mention, tangy metallic taste, cant tell if someone put something in your beer and you look like a frikkin bogan drinking from a can! (which im sure chicks dont like...except for bogan chicks) they are good for the footy tho. But seriously leave the cans for the kids and their after school cokes, stop the binge drinking and drink beer to appreciate it not to get drunk.


In Defense of Canned Beer

To throw a spanner in the works - P.E.T. Bottles. I brew my own beer (not a bad drop by all accounts - even have peole asking to buy it) and I use P.E.T. Completely recycleable, reuseable, resealable (this one cans can't do). Tougher than cans, comes in a nice tradional brown beer bottle colour, is suitable for in bottle fermentation styles of beer (read as beer with flavour unlike the general watery soda like commercial crap served inn this country. Why haven't the good boutique beer brewers gone to can's - costs! Glass is cheaper. Recycling of glass is also I suspect cheaper! P.E.T. and Glass also can store abeer for long periods of time, a requiste for real beer maturation - e.g. a pilsner should have a minimum of 60 days bottle aging and many beers like Lambic's (thats a style) need between 5-10 years to fully develop often not reaching their potential until after 8 years and good for up to 20 years. I would feel very hesitant about drinking a beer which has been reacting with a metal for one week let alone 6 months or more or maybe you haven't heard of the links between Aluminium and Alzheimersn as well as many other associated effects that are only now coming to light since the use of aluminium in the production and storage of foodstuffs. The choice for beer is clear Wood then Glass or P.E.T.


In Defense of Canned Beer

The other really good reason to have cans instead of bottles when you have the good old barrel of ice & water to keep them cold. As the night wears on and the beers become harder to find your hand goes red & numb from swirling around in the water/ice mix. When you grab a bottle the damn thing is slippery, you make another grab, this time you get it. The bottle is slippery & wet, your hand is cold and it won't grip the cap , you have to wipe it off on your best shirt before you can twist the cap off and take a drink. But the mighty can has a rolled lip top & bottom, it makes it easier to grab in the water. A quick shake, pull the tab and you're away. And how many times have pulled the bottle from the icy water, put it in that fleshy part between thumb & forefinger only to tear the skin when you find that it is not a twist top. The mighty can will never do that, they all open the same way.


In Defense of Canned Beer

It maybe just me but every now and then I graze my lip on the can's spout. This never use to happen when the holes were thinner. Now that they're wider I guess my top lip just gets right in there. Perhaps it's just me. Anyway, you can't get Speights Summit Golden Larger in a can, so bottles are what I have to put up with.


In Defense of Canned Beer

You can't do 'Piercers' with bots!! But can with cans!


In Defense of Canned Beer

not that i really care about this but it may be part of the reason why bottled beer tastes so much better than their canned equivalents, but if you run a tissue around the rim of the can, check out all the black shit that comes off. but no matter which way you look at it, you really cant beat 20 tins of double for $20.


In Defense of Canned Beer

Years ago I sat in the terraces of Eden Park, banging two empty Double Brown cans together chanting "Hadlee, Hadlee" as our great fast bowler ran in to let loose another top delivery. It wouldn't have been the same with two bottles. In fact, two bottles wouldn't have made it past the first over!


In Defense of Canned Beer

As from a comment above, my now passed x father n law who was a wise old tradesman always mentioned the links between Aluminium and Alzheimers and advised against drinking out of cans's. Then theres the crap and old cat pee and what ever that gets onto the tops with the dust and just sits there waiting for your lips...who ever washes there can first??? Cans are ultra convenient for when you need to be sneaky or have unbreakables with you,build piss castles, or shotgun as you enter a party. But bottles will never die, maybe a can made out of another material would be a good upgrade, we have the technology.

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