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I will be voting No in the Referendum.  Unlike John Key and Phil Goff, I will not be abstaining. I will be voting No. There are several reasons I will be doing so. 1.First of all, I have consistently supported the Borrows amendment as a highly sensible compromise. I do not support a return to the old law, and if it was a choice between the old law and the current law, I would stick with the current law. But the Borrows amendment explicitly excludes force as being reasonable if “it causes or contributes materially to harm that is more than transitory or trifling; or any weapon, tool or other implement is used”. 2.I also support the Borrows... read full article


I will be voting No

I was smacked and i am ok. In fact i think i am a better person for getting the odd smack for being a little shit. If you take away the right to punish, then parents should not be held responsible for anything their kids do. The law does nothing to stop abuse, all it does is get parents in trouble for giving little Johny a smack. So if a kid is playing up at the supermarket, mum has to let him carry on doing so, as to disipline him will get her arrested. Even grabing Johny and takeing him to the car to go home for a 'time out' can get her arrested. Not to mention the wasted time. When i was a kid if you played up in the suppermarket you got a smack, were told to behave, had a bit of a cry, realised it was not going to help and then behaved for the rest of the shopping. The government is spending more time and money punishing parents that may use a mild smack to train a child to behave and none on stopping kids getting neglected, kick, straight out punshed etc. i think Sue was likely beaten as a kid and thinks all punishment is child abuse (because she is messed up and disfunctional). In the next 10 years petty crime from kids will rise due to them not being punished for their actions now. It is happening with car drivers not getting tickets for running red lights or stopping in the middle of an intersection and blocking it. As these unticketed crimes (over the last 5 years) have gone up so have bigger accidents where people speeding or not giving way or not obaying 'minor' road rules have caused larger accidents to increase.

I agree with you Bro !


I will be voting No

People needs to be told the difference between a smack and Abuse. My Boys know if they done wrong, they going to get it. Yes on there asses. And they still love and respect me


I will be voting No

Vote NOOOOOOOOOOOO Stupid Sue Bradfords Bill should be kicked into touch for good. When has the bill stopped those idiots killing their kids/

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