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Reviewed by Matthew Lovemore These days, you can pick up household multifunction printers from $25 to $500+. The variety is so diverse that it can be almost impossible to distinguish the printers from each other, other then the brand. So how do you test out what is good? Give it to an ex mac operator turned IT Consultant/Photographer who used to run large format offset printing machines! Now this printer is valued at $229 (DSE 29/11/12). Quite a modest price and a definite bang for you’re buck for the average consumer.  It’s super easy to setup for both Macs & PC’s. They both downloaded drivers automatically as soon as I connect to... read full article


HP Photosmart 6520 e-All-in-One Review

It would help if your reviews had more structure to them. Makes it a mission to see your points otherwise - IMO. For instance - breaking it up into PC and Mac would help. Otherwise you get little sympathy from a PC user that can spot some Mac arrogance a mile away. Most multi-functions do an ok job. This unit looks slick, and being from HP, you can't go too wrong.


A smart duplex printer at such an affordable price, good score. I could put up with a bit of noise to get good results.


What a great way to enjoy the photos you love and cherish childhood memories! great price too!


20 minutes to set up print heads ??? Worth it in the end I suppose. Plenty of good printers out there but ease of setting up wireless is a big plus.


must have!


Have just bought a similar multifunction printer but wish I got this one now. Wireless connectivity is such a great feature!


Good price and be great for printing off those holiday snaps


Sounds good. The noise wouldn't bother me and being able print 2-sided could be handy. Fantastic for all the photos I have on my computer.


It does have some wonderful features and would be a most favourite but the setup time and ongoing maintenance cost etc, would be hard to maintain for high volume users I suspect, and not mass producing enough for business with high printed document output I suppose but what a wonderful option to have.......


This is really an awesome work of technology...HP Photosmart All in One Review... really awesome...

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