Discussing :: How we are being duped by the Spin Merchants

Cooler Weather Heats Up Debate     Earlier this month a briefing paper for US government officials and environmental leaders on ways to “re-frame” the global warming debate in order to build stronger public support for climate change legislation, found its way into the hands of the New York Times.[1] Re-framing is a technique used by politicians to make radical ideas more palatable to the public by replacing controversial _expressions with language that evokes empathy, cooperation, and a sense of interconnectedness.[2] The concept is largely based on the work of George Lakoff, Professor of Linguistics at Berkley University and well... read full article


How we are being duped by the Spin Merchants

This report puts a whole new spin onto spin merchants! I had never realized just how far these people will go in thier efforts to twist the facts, and peoples opinions, to suit the particular agenda of thier "client". Frankly, its disgusting! Sure, you can say is no dfferent to a Lawyer who defends his guilty client, but uses all the tricks at his disposal to get him aquitted. But at least with a lawyer, you kinow what you are getting. With these sort of people, they work under cover of our dark ignorance. Press reports do not come out carrying a tag line, prepared by a spin merchant! One has to read everything now with a much more critical and doubting mind it seems! How sad is that?


How we are being duped by the Spin Merchants

These lies about climate change are crazy. The only reason the government keep on about it is because they make their decisions based on the lies told by the people (scientists) profiting from scaring people about it. Some of those profiting are also politicians that end up being paid to be on comities to discuss the issue. If there is no problem their will not have income from that source. Its a case of "if the client (the government and the people) are to stupid to decide based on all the facts, then keep telling the same lie till they wise up". Like asking a sales person which car to buy, "well sir how much do you have to spend, I can sell you a car you do not need (so long as you do not know the cheaper one is just as good) and you will keep coming back to me (will you think i am telling you the truth)"


How we are being duped by the Spin Merchants

It's amazing how much rubbish there is on "global warming". How can you believe scientists who are paid to promote global warming? You can't believe governments either. The main reason our labour govt signed the kyoto agreement is they thought they'd make $$$ out of it. Such a shame they got their figures wrong and it's going to cost us all instead. All I know for sure is the planet is warming. Well that's what everyone keeps on saying. But what's causing the warming? Is it man-made? Or is it a natural warming cycle that earth is going through? Personally I could do with a bit of climate change to warmer temperatures. I'm freezing my butt off right now!


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