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It goes without saying that Grok never had to resort to a shrieking alarm clock to get him up in time for the day’s activities. But he also never had to worry about beating rush hour, or getting his little Groklings to school. Even if we subscribe to all the other behaviors of our ancestors – diet, fitness, rest, relaxation, play – it is our reliance on external, artificial rousing mechanisms that’s the hardest vice to shake. One could even argue that modern (corporate) culture requires the use of an alarm clock. How else are we to manage our most precious commodity of all, time? I think an argument could be made for the value of... read full article


How to wake up without an alarm clock

My grandad could get up without an alarm but now it all makes sense!! Going to try this out


How to wake up without an alarm clock

The best way to get up without an alarm clock is to have kids. You will never sleep in again.


How to wake up without an alarm clock

It's taken me a long long time for my body to get into a proper sleep pattern, but I wake every morning at 6:50am(ish). Unfortunately I also wake at around 1:30am and 4am every morning without fail - any tips of REVERSING the natural alarm clock?


How to wake up without an alarm clock

Hey Mellisa, -Hot shower right before bed -no TV in the last hour before bed -take supplementary zinc and magnesium with dinner -make your room pitch black, even to the point of putting a tea towel over your alarm clock -keep a sleep log, write down hours slept and reasons for not getting enough, or waking. It will help make your subconscious more aware and perhaps come up with a solution. Good luck!


How to wake up without an alarm clock

I worked nights for a couple of years a couple of years back, and I still haven't been able to resort my body clock back to being normal, I can easily sleep threw to 3pm after getting to sleep at midnight or I'm not sleepy till about 4am. Any tips anyone?


How to wake up without an alarm clock

The kids wake us up, everyday weekends and holidays! A sleep in is 6.30am!!! god I'm tired ha ha.


How to wake up without an alarm clock

My cat is my alarm clock. She sits on me and purrs, if that dont work them she greases up to me then for the fanale she licks my face. But even before he I have always had no problems waking up. Sometimes if I have to get up early for a reason i will spend some time the night before telling myself I need to be up at that time. I always set the alarm but usually am awake before it.


How to wake up without an alarm clock

Hey, you feel so much better when you wake up naturally rather than using an alarm clock. No temptation to go back to sleep after turning off the alarm either. If you do use an alarm clock to set up a pattern of waking at the same time place it well away from your bed so you actually have to get out of bed to turn it off. Go for a walk or run as soon as you get up and get your body working - the first 5 or 10 minutes are a bit rough but by the time you get back you feel ready for the day & have earned a hearty breakfast.


How to wake up without an alarm clock

I have two alarm clocks as I worry about not waking up on time, so I read this article twice :)


How to wake up without an alarm clock

I have been doing this since I was 12. totally works for me unless I am really really tired.

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