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It's been observed that there are only seven unique plotlines in the world, and all books, movies and plays are just variations on those themes. The same is true for barroom conversations, except there are only five. As someone who gets paid to be in the bar, I've had plenty of opportunities to observe these types in action.  And since I’m in the bar for the majority of my life, often by myself, this has only fueled my rabid curiosity for talking to strangers. I’m not looking to become best friends with these people, I just want to hear what comes out of their mouths after I get them going. Boozy repartee is the lifeblood of any... read full article


How to Talk to Anyone in a Bar

Ahah nothing tells some one to back off like a well aimed projectile vomit.


How to Talk to Anyone in a Bar

Would be interesting to know how many people have long-term relationships with someone they picked up at a bar....


How to Talk to Anyone in a Bar

Have a few drinks at home first (not too many) and then just go for it


How to Talk to Anyone in a Bar

Dont be a dick, try asking a question about something, a question that doesnt have a yes or no answer , and listen to what she says and go from there.


How to Talk to Anyone in a Bar

laughter is the key to getting the best reactions, be funny and witty. Sleazy one liners go nowhere and if you're too serious you will come across as a bore.


How to Talk to Anyone in a Bar

the best advise dont get trashed before for the braveness LOL smile a lot :)


How to Talk to Anyone in a Bar

lol most guys should be confident and friendly but not sleazy or cheezy and dont walk up to women and talk to them expecting to get a root that doesnt work .. and not all women in the bar are there to score lol


How to Talk to Anyone in a Bar

Exactly, nothing works better than been yourself! None of the cheesy lines and bullshit!


How to Talk to Anyone in a Bar

" Timmy from the Make-a-Wish Foundation." LMAO -thats the best


How to Talk to Anyone in a Bar

just be sincere and honest when meeting for the frist time, if you dazel them with brillance it will sure to back fire on you later


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