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It's been observed that there are only seven unique plotlines in the world, and all books, movies and plays are just variations on those themes. The same is true for barroom conversations, except there are only five. As someone who gets paid to be in the bar, I've had plenty of opportunities to observe these types in action.  And since I’m in the bar for the majority of my life, often by myself, this has only fueled my rabid curiosity for talking to strangers. I’m not looking to become best friends with these people, I just want to hear what comes out of their mouths after I get them going. Boozy repartee is the lifeblood of any... read full article


How to Talk to Anyone in a Bar

Haha carrying little timmy down the mountain.....I love it haha. Best plan is to be straight forward, say 'Hi I'm....., how is your night going?" - lines are usually lame and do not convey you well. Start like you would chat to a mate - don't be sleazy or cheesy. Pretty simple really. If they aren't responsive - they probably aren't worth your time


How to Talk to Anyone in a Bar

Do NOT be yourself. "You" are an ordinary individual with a regular job and a average life. Be your more exciting, sexier, wittier, crazier twin. Remember, they are drinking too, and unless they know you already they'll never spot the difference. Unless of course you are the sexier, wittier, cazier twin - then go ahead, be yourself.


How to Talk to Anyone in a Bar

the greatest pick up line ...a smile


How to Talk to Anyone in a Bar

Yea, i agree, just be yourself, if they dont like that then stuff them or change if you are an ass!


How to Talk to Anyone in a Bar

Flash a smile and look... you may well end up in coversation even if you didnt intend too!!


How to Talk to Anyone in a Bar

Find common ground, Accent ,Rugby team etc


How to Talk to Anyone in a Bar

People call me Isaac Hayes; can I give you the shaft? - Never fails


How to Talk to Anyone in a Bar

It's a numbers game so positioning yourself in the traffic, smiling and making eye contact are good starts. You need to talk to everyone, not just the drop dead hotties. If they don't respond IT IS NOT fatal....just grin, shrug and try again.


How to Talk to Anyone in a Bar

Funny article. I think behaving naturally is the best idea rather than putting on an act which would be hard work.


How to Talk to Anyone in a Bar

Keep it simple and don't have too many drinks under your belt.


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