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There's a lot of ideas about how to start your own business floating around the internet. But just because it's out there... doesn't mean it's good advice. So let's debunk some myths... The biggest problem is the new business owner who is focused on their own needs first. When it comes to starting a business you are the least important person in the equation. You have to figure out what your market wants before you even consider your own wants. Follow your passion This could be the king of misleading advice. If no one else cares about your passion then no one will buy your products. It's as simple as that. So the advice... read full article


How to start your own business

That's some good advice


How to start your own business

Do something you're passionate about and have vision for. Otherwise those first months, and indeed years when you're working long hours and getting very little in return will seem pointless.


How to start your own business

something to bear in mind. very helpful


How to start your own business

Interesting...sometimes being a risk taker pays off, sometimes it doesn't but at least you gave it a go and not left wondering 'what if...'


How to start your own business

This is very vital piece of information. Great tips. Thanks.


How to start your own business

Don't forget copious amounts of Coffee and a hell of a lot of hard work. Great stuff!!!


How to start your own business

Yeah being cautious of wellwishing advice is certainly good advice for any aspect of life really -s ometimes the best friends are the ones that tell you you are being an idiot. Not becasue you need to listen to them but becasue it can be enough motivation to do it well!


How to start your own business

Great article. So many good business ideas never manage to make it off the ground, theres a lot of hard work involved!


How to start your own business

Great advice although difficult to be an entrepreneur in the current economic climate.


How to start your own business

thanks for the advice, i agree that good marketing is of paramount importance in this day and age!

Really good advice.Really is quite a struggle for some in the current economis climate,All i can say things are looking up,keep the faith,Good luck guys !!!

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