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Serving TemperaturesThe flavors of both red and white wines fall apart if they are too warm. It is advisable to chill your reds in the fridge for about twenty minutes before serving them, and whites can generally be left in the fridge altogether. When in doubt, it's better to serve the wine colder and let it warm in the glass than to serve it too warm. More flavorful, fuller bodied white wines can be served at a slightly warmer temperature than bone dry whites. There are an impressive amount of wine coolers on the market that allow you to temperature control the environment your favorite wines. If you have room for it, pick one up! They can add a great... read full article


How to Serve Wine

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How to Serve Wine

I am dissapointed in this article as it only provides one side to the debate about what temperature to serve wine. While it is true that serving wine too warm will give a false impression of the quality the same can be said for serving wine too cold. Serving whites too cold will accentuate the acid (primarily tartaric acid) and dull the flavour and aroma, and likewise serving reds too cold will accentuate the tannin which will have the same effect. Have you ever noticed that when you are served wine by the glass in a bar or restaurant the bottle is most likely stored in a fridge with the bottled beers at 2-4 degrees? this is far too cold for white wine and you will often see condensation form on the glass. A telltale sign of incorrect serving temperature. If you are going to educate readers on the correct serving temp please give both sides to the arguement. Yes, sometimes it is appropriate to cool reds. Particularly in summer. But it is also just as important to warm them before serving in winter when ambient temperature is low or when they have come out of a cellar.

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