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Serving TemperaturesThe flavors of both red and white wines fall apart if they are too warm. It is advisable to chill your reds in the fridge for about twenty minutes before serving them, and whites can generally be left in the fridge altogether. When in doubt, it's better to serve the wine colder and let it warm in the glass than to serve it too warm. More flavorful, fuller bodied white wines can be served at a slightly warmer temperature than bone dry whites. There are an impressive amount of wine coolers on the market that allow you to temperature control the environment your favorite wines. If you have room for it, pick one up! They can add a great... read full article


How to Serve Wine

Thats Great INFO and I do love a half a Strawberry in my Bubbles looks Great and gives it another Taste again LOVELY.... I try a bottle of Wine the other day "SUMMERHOUSE" White Wine Marlborough 2009 NEW ZEALAND WINE This was so nice the best wine I have Tasted in Years... AAAAA+++++ DO TRY GREAT WHITE WINE. Ang


How to Serve Wine

wine awards, and more than $15 is a simple way to buy good wine


How to Serve Wine

I have found different wines dont go with certain foods...only learnt that last week


How to Serve Wine

I think drinking wine out of a wine glass is so cool...makes me feel important.


How to Serve Wine

Open the bottle get the glass and pour!


How to Serve Wine

I think this looks like a pretty cool way to pour wine!


How to Serve Wine

This is so interesting I have always wanted to know exactly how it should be done - thanks Get Frank!!


How to Serve Wine

haha yes more often than not, one tries to enhance the flavour of box wine by allowing it to breathe. the best way to do this is to cut a small nip in the top end of the bladder and blow in to it. a sticky plaster works well to seal it up. decanting this delicate wine through a sieve into a tumbler of sorts allows for any solids to be caught, thus making every sip a lasting memory. as for dealing with left overs, well, most box wine probably consists of left overs so in theory the last few drops are the precious nectar that you should savour.


How to Serve Wine

Making it waaaay too complicated. Simply lie on floor, hold cask above head, turn tap and pour directly into mouth. Why bother with a middle man (or middle glass in this case)


How to Serve Wine

I'm all for looking savvy and classy so cheers!

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