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Serving TemperaturesThe flavors of both red and white wines fall apart if they are too warm. It is advisable to chill your reds in the fridge for about twenty minutes before serving them, and whites can generally be left in the fridge altogether. When in doubt, it's better to serve the wine colder and let it warm in the glass than to serve it too warm. More flavorful, fuller bodied white wines can be served at a slightly warmer temperature than bone dry whites. There are an impressive amount of wine coolers on the market that allow you to temperature control the environment your favorite wines. If you have room for it, pick one up! They can add a great... read full article


How to Serve Wine

Awesome article, I normally pour and drink ha ha.

so do I lol


How to Serve Wine

What-ever, just pop/twist the top and pour and enjoy. Why make drinking wine so snobby?


How to Serve Wine

for a cheap bottle of wine I do a Michael Schmaucher celebration on the podium and scull whatever is left.


How to Serve Wine

What great advice. Will have to try this in the future.


How to Serve Wine

Interesting article, would have to admit that bourbon is a far better drink to warm you up in a cold Dunedin flat though ;)


How to Serve Wine

Hey thats a wealth of information. Thanks


How to Serve Wine

This is good info. will stop you ending up like this


How to Serve Wine

Nice article, definitely going to remember to point about filling wine glasses to halfway only to allow breathing, I thought only red wines needed to breathe, anyways, learn something new every day!


How to Serve Wine

I reckon that how you serve wine says a lot about who you are as a person and your approach to life: Do you: A. Grab the nearest bottle, pop the cork and swill it down. B. Read the label before selecting a bottle, ease the cork out, pour into a tall-stem glass and sip. C. Have your own wine cellar, know the history of grape-growing in France, and swirl, sniff and/or spit the wine before drinking. Think about it. Whether you are A, B or C...I bet you have a similar approach to life (you can fill in the blanks of the metaphor yourself...) ;) Just a thought.


How to Serve Wine

Do these same rules apply to boxed wine? I don't want to seem unknowledgable because I don't open the tap and let my medium Country breath..

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