Discussing :: How to ruin a romantic moment

Classic Aussie ad showing how men destroy romance - watch and weep, lads! read full article


How to ruin a romantic moment

That is EXACTLY what my b/friend would do. *sigh*

You busy tonight?


How to ruin a romantic moment

Could be worse Allison - a few extra kgs and it'd be a whole different experience! [video]kLWeGNJ2nqs[/video]


How to ruin a romantic moment

just point me in the general direction of a spa pool with a naked hottie in it...

There's one about 15cm above you...


lol... Aussies.


Beer ads truly are great (:


I fail to see anything wrong.....


im with Jason... cant not do a bomb in there. granted, the timing wasnt that great buuuut then again beer and a spa = to happiness

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