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As winter sets in who can resist the wafting aroma of fresh baked bread or the anticipation of eating a casserole which is quietly bubbling away in the oven but what is missing. What about the smokey aroma and sensational taste of an indoor hangi without the hole. Over the weekend I discovered a new winter taste sensation - a perfect hangi without the need to dig the hole, light the fire or carry the rocks. The smokey aroma of steaming chicken, lamb, kumara, pumpkin, potatoes, banana, apple and other tropical fruits all combined to make me think I had entered gourmet heaven - and it all happened so simply in my very own domestic oven. Here is a simple indoor... read full article


How To Have An Indoor Hangi

Mean!! This is definitely on the todo list, love the Hangi. Cheers!

WOW i can't wait to do one of my own. YUM!!!!!!!


How To Have An Indoor Hangi

fantastic this is so cool.A innovative way of hangi indoors!A great way too enjoy that flavorsome food!


How To Have An Indoor Hangi

i love hangis so much, my grandad has made his own way to make a steamed hangi in a barrel and nice.


How To Have An Indoor Hangi

Is the flavour any different because I love Hangi but the gas powered hangis dont do it for me. I actually think I will go and dig a hangi hole today. Man I am hungry.


How To Have An Indoor Hangi

Cheers Fozzie, that's this Sat's meal taken care of. And please let it be followed by an AB win...


How To Have An Indoor Hangi

Awesome - I think I might build a pit into my lounge with tiered seating around it and a flat screen TV mounted above it. We can all sit round and inhale the beautiful hangi fumes while watching the ABs on the big screen and sharing a few quiet (or not so quiet) ones.


How To Have An Indoor Hangi

Primo. Im up for a hangi any day.


How To Have An Indoor Hangi

Cheers Fozzie, Now I'm Hungary !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


How To Have An Indoor Hangi

There's only one way to have a Hangi and that's in the ground. I've tried many keg, oven and barrel hangis and they're just not the same. Might be ok if you're desperate I guess. Thanks for the info. [video]1Gx_oQZslbA[/video]

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