Discussing :: How to Get a Girlfriend – Traditional Advice Just Doesn’t Always Work

Guys get hit with traditional tips on how to get a girlfriend all of the time. They get taught these things from a young age, whether it is from their family members, books that they read, or by listening to experts on television. So, they assume that this is the most effective way of getting a girlfriend and then they head out into the world and try to use that advice to actually land themselves a girlfriend and they find out the cold, hard truth. Traditional dating advice for men just isn’t all that effective. And it seems to get less and less effective with each passing year. All Women Want is a Nice Guy… This is probably one... read full article


How to Get a Girlfriend – Traditional Advice Just Doesn’t Always Work

best way i've found is to try to be confident and not take your eyes off the prize quite literally........if your potential partner thinks the only thing in the universe is them its pretty flattering. Worth a try anyhow ;)


About the second point - What’s a woman to think if on the first date, you are shelling out money left and right to try and impress her? - Don't for goodness sakes do the opposite either, you should pay for dinner, the movie, whatever activity you're doing. If she insists on paying her share or paying for something else like drinks it's ok as long as you make it clear you are also happy to cover the whole bill. Girls don't like stingy guys!


All chicks are flattery powered....


Isn't it interesting how little advice guys come up with on this, compared with an Apple or xbox topic!


Masters never share their secrets..........not suggesting anything here hehe

I would have thought it was the other way around... bragging about how great they are with women but keeping their console superiority to themselves!

Confidence is sexy, bragging is not. Even eluding to amazing abilities detracts from the effect. Best is just quiet confidence. IMHO

I've done way better with confidence than I ever have with abs or pecs. Possibly because I have a reasonable amount of the former, and a total lack of the latter of course...


I'm certainly no master but i've discovered that advice is often listened to but rarely followed. What traditional advice has failed you?


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