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Here are a few simple tricks for intermediate/beginner folks who want to get better at pushups. These tips are perfect for someone who can do a few pushups, but are stuck at around 5 repetitions max. If you want to find out how to build chest muscle, define your triceps, and even work your abs harder, you'll love these tips. So there are couple ways in which an individual can work to increase the number of pushups. First of all, however, the harsh truth is that people will be able to do more pushups if they lose body fat. If you have a lot of dead weight, then obviously it's going to be harder to perform a pushup. So make sure you're... read full article


How to Do More Pushups

Push ups were the bain of my life at school... thanks for the tips


Get to the floor and do 50. Thanks to these tips maybe I will actually be able to reach the 50 instead of being stuck at, well, let's just say not quite that many.


Great tips. I'd like to be able to do 50.


thanks i hope these will work... for the last month i haven't been able to break the 35 mark, i keep reaching it and i just collapse arms trembling and everything! really hope this works otherwise i have no idea what will... cheers mate


Good advice. Sounds logical. I will practice what is spelt out here and report back.


It also makes a difference how tall you are. A shorter person has a greater advantage of leverage, than a tall person. I learned a little trick in high school, that came in handy when I became a paratrooper. You can't keep track of how many push ups you do in jump school, but 42 is a minimum requirement. This can be done in the evening when watching television. When the commercial comes on, see how many push ups you can do. Then have a drink of water, and wait for the next commercial. (If you are still puffed, you can wait for two ad breaks) Try again and see if you can do the same. You may be able to do a little bit more. 3 sets a night will lead to significant progress. Each night, see if you can add a little bit more to your best repetition. I always aimed to see if I could improve by 5. At the beginning of a summer, I could do a set of 25. By the end of the summer, I could do a set of 115, and 3 sets at that.


Good article. I will give it a try.


I know push ups are very good for strength in the chest and biceps, but I have weak wrists from a previous sports injury. Do you have any advice for someone who cannot bear weight at that 90 degree angle your wrists have to be for pushups?


Same here, sore left wrist when bearing weight at 90 degrees (it had a ganglion cyst before). A trainer once told me to do pushups from dumbbell on the floor (position them at 45 degrees), seems to help and you can go deeper into the pushup.


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