Discussing :: How to buy sex toys for your girlfriend. Part One.

For those of you who are in a relationship where you’re both card-carrying members of the sex toy club, buying your partner a sex toy is easy – just get her a bigger and better version of the one she already has. But if the only buzzing in your bedroom is your dodgy fluorescent light, the first purchase can be a little trickier.  Pillow talk... Yup that’s right. There needs to be a discussion about her thoughts and feelings on adult toys before you start using them. Chances are she won’t be all too receptive if she arrives home from work to your surprise love swing, already installed, hanging from the bedroom rafters.  The... read full article


How to buy sex toys for your girlfriend. Part One.

Hey Guys. It really is this easy. I started talking to my girlfriend about sex toys about a year ago. We are in a long-term relationship of 4 years, so it gets pretty tough when we are apart. I mentioned buying her a vibrator so we could have phone sex and spice up our sex life when we are together...at first she wasn't to into the idea...she can be shy about sex. As i continued the discussion it turned out she started to get pretty into the idea...I continued to encourage her to masturbate...alone and with me....and a year later I am woken up in the morning to my girlfiend calling me to have a nice--very detailed--sesion of phone sex. I'm taking her to the sex shop in a coulpe of days to buy her her first vibrator!!! I think its a pretty good idea to let her pick it out herself...there's alot of crazy shit out there so its best to let her make the final disicion. Good Luck....Peace ps check out this link...good video to show your girl if your talking about sex toys. [video]i8HItCIefkg[/video]

Sounds like you've got the right approach man.


Sex toys always make a great gag gift imo. As long as it's the right place and time of cause haha.


Toys are superb. I think every relationship should have it's share of tools, hehe.


If you live in Australia, try this sex toys shop


My boyfriend buys me the best vibrators! He knows my favorite vibrator is the G-Spot OhMiBod Music Driven G-Spot Vibrator. The device actually hooks up to your iPod, and will vibrate to the beat of your favorite tunes. My boyfriend loves putting together a playlist for me. Anyway, the model is sleek and user-friendly, and on top of all that, hypoallergenic...your man will love all the special effects, and you'll enjoy the pleasure :) http://blissfulgoodies.com/OhMiBod-Music-Driven-G-Spot-Vibrator/sku-OMB02G?a=artificial_vagina


My partner bought me some vibrating knickers with a cordless remote controll OMG We went out to the shops the other day and had the remote in his pocket!! It was amazing he kept going from the highest setting to the lowest and i was in heaven and my boyfriend was so turned on he couldnt wait to get me home and ripp them off!! I would recommend them to any couple!! http://wwwkinkytime.com.au


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