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A good single malt whisky is not meant to be knocked back as one might a ‘shot’. It should be savoured slowly and appreciated. One of the most important things is the glass that you sample the whisky in. The best glass is clear and tulip shaped. The narrower top keeps the flavours and aromas of the whisky in the glass, allowing you ample time to ‘nose’ and taste the whisky. The classic tumbler sturdy though it feels in your hand actually does whisky a bit of a disservice.  The wide gaping mouth of the glass lets all the aromas and flavours escape before you get a chance to enjoy them. It also encourages the addition of ice, which... read full article


How to appreciate whisky

What nut case would ever put ice in whisky. Send me a bottle of the 30 year old and I'll get back to on what it is like, I might even share it.


How to appreciate whisky

sip, taste, repeat


How to appreciate whisky

does anyone have any recommendations for someone who enjoys whiskey, but has really no idea what he's looking for? i mean single malts a ideal, but apart from that i don't have much idea. cheers.

If you can get your hands on any of the Springbank range, you'd be heading in the right direction... but don't take my word for it: http://www.springbankwhisky.com/springbank/

legend cheers

there are a range of different scotches from different regions of scotland.

depending on your taste, you can enjoy alot of different ones. If you like smokey peaty, try laphriog. Talisker, Oban and Longmore are all nice smooth single malts.

my personal favourite is lagavulin, but its is hard to find nowdays.

enjoy your tasting


How to appreciate whisky

Nothing better than a good whisky


How to appreciate whisky

yep nice, Canadian Club!


How to appreciate whisky

1 cube in a cold glass is ok....anything other than that is criminal...


How to appreciate whisky

ah the perfect end to a terrible day at the office.......


How to appreciate whisky

CC & Dry /drool Would recommend Gentleman's Jack to any Whiskey lover... heavenly!


How to appreciate whisky

Yeah but honestly still tastes pretty nasty to me..

Mike go down to the square and down a 6 pack of woodstock rtd's please. Good whiskey is unbeatable. Black bush irish whiskey mmm


How to appreciate whisky

If it's aged around 18 years that's when they're at their best. Oh, and whiskys are good too. I find Glenfiddich has a nice enjoyable single-malt. Very much recommended. And if anyone gets the chance, visit the Jameson's distillery in Dublin. Good experience for a whisky lover.


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