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Heaps I bet, but so can this lot. An afternoon of antics centered around the different ways they could open a beer. Sponsored by Epic breweries and littlecamerahire.co.nz, who provided beers and some of the camera equipment used. An EPIC afternoon from Kim Rose on Vimeo. The rules of the afternoon were simple: No two beers may be opened using the same utensil/tool.You must finish a beer before opening the next one. We had about 70 beers in total, but the video showcases the best 30ish. read full article


How many ways can you open a beer?

Mate, any method of opening beer i good as long as you don't lose any!


Im from Papakura, so i like to open my lion red swappa bottles with a fish slice or my eye socket


When at home, I work with the old man on the farm. After shearing or crutching most of them use their teeth to open them. Can't be good for their teeth


Ha a few unique ways of opening a beer there! like welding the lid off!!


ah yes the basic concept of fulcrums and levers. who knew physics could be so epic


what is wrong with a bottle opener? Quicker easier safer and conveniently logical.Ha


Where can I get this 'epic' beer from! I have never heard of it before :) It is a awesome name :p..Sooo 70 ways to open a beer, half of them ild be scared to actually drink afterwards! There is bound to be some glass or something in there, that surely cant be safe. But I still like the idea of the ad. Where was the opening it with your teeth way?............


Can't beat the old lighter trick & the good ole spoon. The quicker the better i say.


I usually start the night using a lighter. Later on when I'm feeling it I move on to using my teeth or the edge of the table. The missus hates it!


I can't stand seeing people open their beer with their teeth! Anything but the teeth!!!


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