Discussing :: How Long Do Drugs Stay In The Body?

Drug Test Detection Times refer to the "window" of detection for drugs of abuse. If a person is tested too soon or too long after use, drugs may not show up in human urine. Often someone will ask us, How long do drugs stay in the body? This short guide will help to answer that question. For the purposes of clarity, this guide is a reference for the detection of drugs of abuse found in human urine. Full disclaimer this is a guide, and only & just that. How long do drugs stay in your system? The length of time that the presence of drugs of abuse in the body can be detected is an important factor in drug screening. The chart below outlines approximate... read full article


How Long Do Drugs Stay In The Body?

DRUGS are bad for you and can stay in your system for years depending on what substances a person using. Say NO to drugs!And say NO to hair, its way more fun to be bare!


How Long Do Drugs Stay In The Body?

What a very interesting read! Enough to scare the pants off someone! Especially if you need to be tested for work reasons!


How Long Do Drugs Stay In The Body?

after 25yrs i have given up smoking marijuana,i used to smoke it nearly everyday,im now 40yo approx 120kg described as solid build,i have been buying a self drug test kit from the chemist called"marijuana scan"and according to the test im still showing positive after 8 months of not smoking,does this sound right?


actually cannabis is awesome, i have extreme anger problems, but when i smoke a joint i find it impossible to get angry or feel negative in anyway, cannabis is not a drug, all of the bad side effects come from cbd not thc, cbd is only in the stalk of the plant, drugs are bad but cannabis is good, u cant even overdose on it, and it stimulates the cannaboids which prevent cancer, i cant find anything bad about cannabis, i hate it when people dont have a clue what they are talking about and insult the users of cannabis.


it depends what you mean by cannabis. people can become seriousll mentally through smoking a lot of skunk, ie a drug induced psychosis, and also paranoia issues as well. plain old weed however, or hash, is far more less likely to induce these issues. in my view, the you can compare the manufacturing of skunk to the over breeding of dogs. if you over breed dogs, you are more likely to breed something quite undesirable through wishing to breed in the good traits. and like wise with skunk. too much cross pollination has created some nasty strains of cannabis that are downright dangerous and quite frankly should be outlawed in my opinion. this isn't a slight on people who smoke cannabis in the slightest, this is an educated, experienced opinion


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