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‘What saves a man is to take a step. Then another step.’ ~C. S. Lewis    Changing your life can seem an incredibly tough and complicated thing, especially if you’ve failed a great number of times (like I did), found it too hard, and resigned yourself to not changing. But I found a way to change. And I’m not any better than anyone else, not more disciplined, not more motivated. I just learned a few simple principles that changed my life. I’ve written about them many times, but realized they’re spread out all over the site. Here is how I changed my life, in a nutshell. tl;dr The four lines you’re looking... read full article


How I Changed My Life, In Four Lines

Well Leo, I'm still totally in the dark as how you can exist without goals, but I congratulate you on your achievements. Well done!


Who needs 4 sentences when you can say it in one?

Take one small step at a time and enjoy the ride.


I have a weekly check list based on an 8 day cycle- it reminds me of what I need to accomplish and also where I ultimately have failed to achieve and prompts me to pause for reflection and prioritise the failures into the next 8 day cycle...works for me


its good that you said in 4 lines and not with 4 lines as that i suppose would change your life but prob not for the better



....and in case you are wondering "weekly 8 day cycle" ?? Shiftwork 4 on 4 off.

After which you take a Men-o-pause...


....for some it was probably four lines of coke.
I can see clearly now.
I will not shtray from the parsh of rightshishnish.

Ish that you Moneypenny?

Ooh look... a squirrel!


A bit like the Kaizen philosophy then? Continuous improvement in everything you do. I need to be more grateful and present instead of thinking about how far I still have to go lol


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