Discussing :: Holidays: Exhausting or Refreshing?

Balancing your kids needs with your own can be a difficult business at the best of times, and holidays can bring the tension to a head. Children at play often makes for noise and chaos, especially if the weather is bad and they have to play indoors. Younger children can have particular difficulty learning to understand and accept limits their parents set on noise, activity, and how much attention they get. It's easy to find that your holiday becomes a trial. Maybe you feel like you're running a three ring circus. Maybe you're biting your tongue or losing your temper. You may even be wishing the holiday was over, so you could go back to work for... read full article


Holidays: Exhausting or Refreshing?

Here's my tip for having a great holiday... take grandparents with you (if they are willing). They will love spending time with the kids, and it will give you a chance to have a wee break with your partner, particularly in the evenings when the kids are in bed.


Holidays: Exhausting or Refreshing?

Take advantage of the holiday season, and spend quality time with your kids and family. Children look forward to this time of the year in particular, and will always remember it when they are older. Set traditions from an early age, as these can be passed from generation to generation. Appreciate the time you have, and remember that you can have an amazing time with your partner and kids, if you just try to enjoy all the frivolities.


Holidays: Exhausting or Refreshing?

Make a day of it, some of my best childhood memories were at some big park with a few close families. Everyone has something to enjoy: food, company, fellow kids.


Holidays: Exhausting or Refreshing?

why do people say holiday time ,we all have weekends ,or days off work ,im a solo dad of a 2 and 3 year olds ,and are a student i studied with 20 other ladys (me being the only guy) and it blow me away how people where stressing about xmas it is so sad to see xmas and this time of the year, isnt it about our kids,was at the wharehouse in tga in the weekend an just stood there and watched people so may people unhappy for what!!!,i cant afford much for the kids for xmas but they will have the beat time ever,the parks are free,bush walks,a hose in the front lawn,and a big hug from me,who needs to waste money or stress,kids wont remember the toys you by them but the will remember the great time the had with hose and laughing !


Holidays: Exhausting or Refreshing?

Go with people who have kids the same age then you can take turns for a couple of nights to give the others a night off out from the kids and the kids play happy


Holidays: Exhausting or Refreshing?

I've got a better idea - don't have kids, then you can do whatever the hell you want!


Holidays: Exhausting or Refreshing?

We have a family meeting before we go on holiday. Everyone talks about what they would like to do and see on the holiday so when we get there, there are no complaints. We try and choose a place where everyone gets to do something they will enjoy.


Holidays: Exhausting or Refreshing?

It is always such a juggling act - the key is to breathe deeply and remember to appreciate the simple things in life.


Holidays: Exhausting or Refreshing?

so need a beak,a big as boat up north will help me out and my wife oh yeah


Holidays: Exhausting or Refreshing?

Wow, some rather selfish comments on here, last time i remember christmas was about having time with your family and friends and helping people out that are less fortunate than yourself. I am a single parent and yes money can be a strecth at times but my child has learnt to appreciate what he gets and to enjoy some quality time with his mum!


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