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The new Aussie-built Holden Cruze has been transformed... Stone the crows Else, Holden’s commitment to smaller, fuel efficient cars hasn’t just been lip service. They are now assembling the Holden Cruze in house, and at the same production facility the cornerstone Commodore product is built. That’s great news. Across the ditch there has been a little unfair criticism about the level of actual locally-sourced parts (the main body panels are stamped in Australia and then mated to the largely imported selection of parts). That has to be expected really, but the fact is the Adelaide plant is now running at near capacity; that – and... read full article


Holden Cruze

The technology in these new models never fails to impress me. They really are starting to get great integrated solutions for navigation, media and climate control.


Well the evidence is clear - HOLDEN models work better on the lands they were rooted, not under Korean influence. ...As much as I dislike saying this; Well done Aussies.


This is my dream car if i won a million Bucks on Lotto id go buy one straight away love the look of man its killa! plus all the features i heard it looks like a spaceship inside with all da lights

Blimy Saba, I think it's time you bought an edition of Top Gear.


Sounds better than the old one. I test drove a 2005 model a few months ago and completely hated it.


The Cruze reminds me of a less bulky and blingy Cadillac CTS, i quess it's the poor mans version. We have a couple of Deisel Cruzes as company cars at work, and the deisel engines really do have a bit of get up and go (not that i ever floor it in the company car), definitley sound like they are much improved. Will have to nag the boss about updateing.


Holden have designed a beautiful new cruze with incredible features that will appeal to the most fussy drivers out there,Awesome car would love to purchase one sooooon !!!!


Is the Holden Cruze better than the Tom Cruze? i'm looking for value for money people...


Looks flash yet it sounds quite practical and functional! I would add one to my wishlist for next Christmas...!


In 20 years I wonder if this style of interior (namely the dashboard) will retain their sleek elegant look and become "classic" or whether it will look tacky.


I'd take a 2004 Audi A6 4.2 v8 any day of the week. I'd put the money I saved into gas for a couple of years, then I'd sell it for about the same as the Holden was worth. No contest.


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