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Men's fashion from New Zealand Fashion Week 2010. World read full article


Highlights from NZ Fashion Week 2010

Man some of the fashion is either too dodgy, not practical or made for blokes with skinny figures. where's the beat up Levi's,comfortable jumper or rugby shirt or Metallica T Shirt??????????


Highlights from NZ Fashion Week 2010

No offense to the designers but who in their right minds would want to wear these and walk on the streets?!!? It seems that they are more concern with being able to come up with things no one else had thought of rather than incorporating their fashion sense into something that are both unique and can be worn in REAL LIFE... how many people would seriously find these "fashionable"?? [video]T0DZXeHgdUc[/video]


Highlights from NZ Fashion Week 2010

That Salasai suit jacket is bad ass.


Highlights from NZ Fashion Week 2010

Correct me if wrong, but I think the entire purpose of Fashion Week is firstly an excuse for the industry to get together and air kiss, drink champagne under mood lighting in the middle of the day and critique each others' latest inspirations. Secondly, the rest of us in the humdrum of normality are supposed to view Fashion Week as ideas, potential. I don't think we're supposed to take the designs literally. I sure as hell hope not anyway.


Highlights from NZ Fashion Week 2010

He looks like the grown up version of the kid in Adam Sandlers' movie Big Daddy...Frankestein was the kids name on there haha. Just threw his man well lotioned hands into his draw and put on what ever he grabbed, somewhat of a wardrobe lucky dip hmmm! lol


Highlights from NZ Fashion Week 2010

Sorry but that is U G L Y, honestly the fashion thing going on personally to me is a little hidious!!!

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