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I received a call from the press the other day asking me if I had any comment on the announcement from the Race Relations Conciliator that they were taking no further action on the complaint against me. My comment was “How do you know all this?” Especially when I was not aware that there was a complaint in the first place, nor who was it from, nor what had they alleged that I had done! I had heard rumours of something like this, but as Mayor there are more rumours swerling around over various allegations of various things than I have neither the time nor the energy to have carried out, so I ignored them, foolishly thinking that if such a complaint... read full article


Here's a government department we can do without

You should file a complaint against her! Or investigate what someone who denies the veracity of scientific method is doing calling herself a professor. And why someone who is guilty of inciting violence and encouraging illegal activity is receiving a lecturer's salary and being allowed to 'teach' her racist politics to impressionable young minds.


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