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Men are not the only ones that fantasise about sex. Women may look sweet and innocent, but you may be surprised what goes on inside our heads! It’s more than likely your wife or girlfriend will have had an explicit sexual fantasy that she may or may not have been too ashamed to share. Fancy an insight? Then read this top five list, it is sure to mention at least one of her forbidden fantasies. Making a Sex TapeAs unlikely as this may sound, most women will have fantasised about making a homemade sex tape at one time or another. Why then did she say no when you suggested it? Well, unfortunately, unlike Pamela or Paris, most women won’t live out this... read full article


Her Top 5 Fantasies



Her Top 5 Fantasies

Everyone says men are dirty and all they think about is sex... bollocks I say, women are worse, whether or not they'll admit to it, they're just a little bit more discreet about it.

that is the nost truth i have herd in weeks


Her Top 5 Fantasies

and yet not once has a girl let me have more than a picture.


Her Top 5 Fantasies

As a publisher of 9 Texas regional swinger magazines, for the last 15 years, I figured out long ago that women are more sexual than men. They are eager for sexual excitement in ways men would be scared to try. Even the shiest of girls have sexual fantasies that would make men blush. And, while few if any men actually try to live out a fantasy, most women are more than willing to try them. One way to have a woman fall in lust with you is to get her to reveal a sexual fantasy and then admit you have sexual fantasies too, but are to inhibited to try them. That opens the flood gate for her to tell you more about hers and try one out. In doing articles for the magazines, I can not tell you the stories I have heard and the situations I have gotten into.


Her Top 5 Fantasies

Thanks Sarah Another great article. Yet I consider the utmost important word was missing from article and replies to date...T R U S T. I think that TRUST is possibly why so many fantasies are never expressed, let alone experienced. With trust, anything is possible..add in love, and there is often no limit to what a couple can achieve. Keep up the articles. In my experience (blush) bi ladies are many times more sexually outgoing than straight ladies too. Bi ladies will usually choose a man who is clean of body and mind.

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