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From legendary director Guillermo del Toro comes the spectacular sequel to Mike Mignola’s original HellBoy - HellBoy II: The Golden Army, the biggest, baddest, superhero action movie of 2008. Starring Ron Perlman, Selma Blair and Doug Jones Featuring more monsters, cooler heroes and more amazing special effects, HellBoy II: The Golden Army DVD is the must own DVD of the year for new and existing fans. Available to own on DVD. Frank has four of these DVD's to spin wide, let's hear about your own 'bad ass' moments.This competition is now closed. Our current competitions are to your right.    read full article


HellBoy II DVD's

When younger I would hide behind a tree and wait until someone would come walking up the road. I'd light a firecracker and let it bang off as they passed. Did it one day to an old woman and her dog - dog took off with her in pursuit!!!


HellBoy II DVD's

A few years ago when things were less PC, a local school was sly grogging and also the polling booth for the elections. No one including us, was allowed to buy grog that day unless they had voted. Great turnout there on polling day


HellBoy II DVD's

When was a bit younger, used to take a swig out of ALL the bottles in the liquer cabinet


HellBoy II DVD's

When I was young I used to "runaway" when my sister was looking after me, I would hide in the hedge and watch her look for me.


HellBoy II DVD's

I broke a car window so I could let off the handbrake to move the car a little when they blocked my car in with no escape route.


HellBoy II DVD's

breaking a wooden board around 2.5 metres with a jumping high kick at the blackbelt grading

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