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From legendary director Guillermo del Toro comes the spectacular sequel to Mike Mignola’s original HellBoy - HellBoy II: The Golden Army, the biggest, baddest, superhero action movie of 2008. Starring Ron Perlman, Selma Blair and Doug Jones Featuring more monsters, cooler heroes and more amazing special effects, HellBoy II: The Golden Army DVD is the must own DVD of the year for new and existing fans. Available to own on DVD. Frank has four of these DVD's to spin wide, let's hear about your own 'bad ass' moments.This competition is now closed. Our current competitions are to your right.    read full article


HellBoy II DVD's

Turning down the wrong street in Caracas Venezuela and ending up being extorted for Cash by a Crooked Cop (lots of bad ones), managed to start yelling in Spanish 'no money for you' and storming off - bit scary as he had a machine gun pointed at me at the time.


HellBoy II DVD's

While backpacking through the U.S.A, I removed and hide the Hostel TV the night before the quarter final of the Football world cup. There were a lot of angry foreign people that morning :)


HellBoy II DVD's

Neighbours badass cat- one pair of rubber gardening gloves and- well that cat never visited the vege garden again.


HellBoy II DVD's

Turning the pressure up on our hot water taps and running them all night long...revenge on the neighbour upstairs whose been refurbishing her apartment at six every morning...try sleeping with that screeching all night while I'm at work...neighbourly love


HellBoy II DVD's

Being a radio operator, as well as a paratrooper, I often was the one standing in the door, as we approached the drop zone. What a choice view! Sweet!


HellBoy II DVD's

my former boss told me to take care of the meeting the next day but i was late. she ended up doing what i was supposed to do. when i got to the office, the minute she saw me on the door, she yelled at me and everybody pretended not to notice.


HellBoy II DVD's

Taking the Father-in-law's brand new BMW out for a spin (without permission), and mistakenly scratching a bit of paint off the car. Needless to say we don't talk much anymore.


HellBoy II DVD's

backing into a car in error and driving off without leaving a note.


HellBoy II DVD's

Performing aversion therapy with the neighbour's cat that sneaks into out house and eats out cat's food. The precise details are secret - suffice to say I'm selling the technique to Guantanamo Bay.


HellBoy II DVD's

Flicking the bird out the white house during bush presidency whilst snipers on roof calmly watch me...


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