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Hell is in turmoil after the controversy. The paparazzi are responsible and will pay. Those that have added to the controversy, the Wrath of the Dead Rabbit will be set upon them. Yep, weird, cartoony and just plain Sonic-y sees you take on the role of one pissed off Rabbit called Ash, who also happens to be the big, er, Carrot of Hell. His love of bath time rubber duckies has been exposed in damming images splashed across the media of the fiery underworld. To regain his reputation you will kill, torture, maim and collect crystals throughout 10 huge 2D side scroll Levels. Blood is your health, and throughout there are areas where your wet-nurse can top you... read full article


Hell Yeah: Wrath of the Dead Rabbit

Just before I head off to Armageddon just want to say this game looks like it rocks. Love the comic imagery. This game does look hellish! Hey we just got our first Playstation 3 console about a week ago and I haven't played a lot of games but are having fun playing Enslaved with the kids this long weekend.


Looks like one of those old school games that we all miss, but now its just more modernised!!


Looks like a fun game- on a par with the Uncharted series ? My favourite so far is still Resistance: Fall Of Man - probably as it was the first one I completed properly... but who knows what the future holds....for me and mankind.


Looks like an awesome game. my favourite PS3 game would have to be Resident evil 6


Nice review, I love the art style! Reading this has got me interested, time to look up Youtube vids for it!


BANG BANG RACING is a pretty cool game!


loving old Crash team racing at the moment downloaded it at the PS3 store, only thing is i would love if it turned into online game play. would be epic to be able to play the arena's 4 players blowing each other up !! SOny should definitely remaster it and make it online game play !!!


Wow, old 2D scroller, might have to whip out my old SEGA. Favourite PS3 game at the moment is BF3!


This game looks like fun. My favourite PS3 game would have to be Metal Gear Solid 4 (story, art, characters), so many developers and studios are going backwards in my opinion (nicer graphics but shallower gameplay) Kojima is still moving forward.


looks like a ton of fun this game, one everyone would enjoy in my household, favourite PS 3 GAME has to be CALL OF DUTY BLACK OPS

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