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So is it a movie, or ain't it? If the whole damn world can't decide, then how should you? Well, you could start by playing it. We wrote in our hands-on preview for Heavy Rain that "it's a game, not a film," but after playing the full version, it seems to have more in common with the silver screen than ever. Am I saying all the uncertainty and media criss-crossing is a bad thing? Hell no. It's only topical. And film or game or game of the film of the book of the Broadway musical - Heavy Rain is an amazing experience.Father Ethan Mars, PI Scott Shelby, journo Madison Paige and FBI agent Norman Jayden are all on the path of the Origami Killer.... read full article


Heavy Rain

I cannot wait for this game to come out. Have just played the demo and am blown away. There really is nothing else like it on any gaming platform. Even the Mrs is keen on this one! Amazing graphics easy gameplay, amazingly interesting story. Although it probably won't appeal to everyone.


Heavy Rain

The graphics look awesome, the story is interesting. It will be all down to the game play now. I look forward to trying out this game asap :) Though i really really wish this was out on PC already, that would be totally kewl


Heavy Rain

best everyone checkes out the Only thing I know video above before playing this.. Game does look very good though


Heavy Rain

Im waiting to get my hands on this one!! Would be so awesome and have heard its great.. Amazing graphics and story too.


Heavy Rain

I love the fact that gaming is becoming more and more like a cinematic experience. Wonder how long it'll be before we all have VR headsets and get to run around inside the games?


Heavy Rain

Why is it only available on PS3? Xbox 360 is the way to go!


Heavy Rain

This game is fantastic. I have finished it twice now and the experience has been quite different each time. The best PS3 game so far this year by far, exclusive or multiplatform.


Heavy Rain

Awesome, awesome game, I love it! It's so different from any other game and has a really interesting storyline, like a movie and really gets you interested in it. Nothing else like it


Heavy Rain

This game looks mindblowing, cant wait for it to come out. Its just aweesome.. Wish it was on PC though!


Heavy Rain

Cool. The plot sounds a lot like a book i once read! Sounds like this will be THE game to own. Guess i will need to look at purchasing a PS3. Guess i will need to remortgage the house,lol!


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