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Every evening in the gym, the ladies (and a few guys) can be found working purposefully on bikes, treadmills and elliptical trainers. The whir of machinery fills the air and determination is fired by visions of losing weight and getting in really good shape. Some casually browse the pages of old magazines, read the latest thriller or chat with friends as they dutifully put in their "forty five minutes" of "slow and steady". They are well-intentioned but clueless. I question the results of their efforts but decide it is unwise to offer unsolicited advice. One lady, however, is focused and pays attention to what she is doing. She periodically refers to the... read full article


Heart rate tricks

Ha, was just skim reading this article, saw the line "You can calculate your personal Target Heart Rate, but this gets a bit tricky" I thought it said 'ticky', like "ees got a ticky heart." Yeah probably not too good intensive cardio work outs if you've got a 'ticky' heart.


great, off I go to work out what I should be aiming for.


Could be useful once i get rid of this cold!


Ideally you train between 65% to 85% if your healthy. Not really much improvement gained at 50%


Hm... this doesn't look to good for me haha.

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