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We've all heard it a million times before, but it's worth saying one more time: Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. No matter how many times people hear this truth, they seem to ignore it consistently. Breakfast really is important to your health and fitness goals, but so many people skip it on a regular basis. People just don't seem to make good nutrition a priority first thing in the morning. There's so much to do that people often rush out of the house without eating any kind of breakfast at all. The Foundation of a Healthy DietIf you want to eat healthier, you simply have to start off each day with a good, nutritious... read full article


Healthy Breakfast Foods - The Best Way to Start Your Day

Yep, I have 4 weetbix every morning with the yellow or the light blue top milk at work. Not a fan of the taste but it's good for me (apparently). Sadly my diet usually goes downhill fast by morning tea.


I think the case of good breakfast habits is largely affected by your upbringing. My parents always encouraged a good solid, healthy breakfast and now even when I wake up just in time for lunch I'm inclined to grab a bowl of cereal and a piece of fruit as it's what I'm used to when I wake up in the morning. There's nothing worse than sudden hunger pangs when you're stuck in a morning meeting.


having some cereal and some fruit is my standard start to the day, usually at work (use all there milk) helps me concentrate at work because I'm not thinking about food.


i've been thriving off muesli and green tea of late, has all the energy and caffeine I need + antioxidants for those health gurus.


Never was into breakfast until I tried making my own bagels. They are filling, yummy, and they well and truly keep me going into the morning.


I've become a shocker for not having breakfast. Then it's a mid-morning binge and I miss lunch too. No small wonder I've been feeling pretty lousy lately. These tips will help me get that sorted out in a healthy way. Now I just need to get back in to some exercise...


I should really start eating heathly since Im not getting any younger !


porridge with protein powder , eggs on toast and a multi with coffee . sorted till lunch


I'm 21 and reasonably healthy, I have a very physical job and it keeps me fit. However my job takes me on the road a lot and eating fast foods and takeouts is starting to take its toll. One meal I can defiantly make healthy would be breakfast !


I never used to eat breakfast, since I have I have gained half a kilo, and im eating healthy I.E wholegrain toast 2 slices and a smoothie or 2 weetbix and smoothie or just porridge. I was better off eating nothing


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