Discussing :: Hand held cellphone use in cars now illegal

The Herald has some details of the new law:     You can not answer or make phone calls with a handheld phone while driving.    Creating, sending or reading texts, email messages or video messages, while driving, is banned.    Making genuine emergency 111 calls is permitted. This includes *555 calls used to report dangerous driving.    Making or receiving calls if the phone is “secured in a mounting fixed to the vehicle” is allowed. This typically means a cradle, or fully integrated systems. But the driver can only manipulate a securely mounted phone “infrequently and... read full article


Hand held cellphone use in cars now illegal

Yesterday I almost rammed the back of a woman's car because I was so irrate. First she was driving at about 5kms an hour down the street, driving with one hand and taking sips from a coffee cup with the other. Then she seemed to have finished that, and began putting lipstick on while looking in the mirror and wobbling all over the road! All the while, the cars were beginning to line up behind us as she took her time! Finally after finishing her grooming and making the rest of us late for work, she picked up speed!
So its not just talking on cell phones that should be illegal! We should go back to basics, like the old days, when being tested for our drivers license - keeping both hands on the wheel at all times, failing the test if we so much as lifted a finger to pick our nose!


Hand held cellphone use in cars now illegal

Using cellphones in cars should have been made illegal years ago!!!


Hand held cellphone use in cars now illegal

Sweet as. I'll continue to eat my pie while changing lanes, speeding while changing the C.D, Adjusting my hair in the rear view mirror and checking out the talent on the side of the road. I'll just be talking on my hands-free kit at the same time. :-) Nanny state knows what's best for us huh?


Hand held cellphone use in cars now illegal

I agree is argueing with your partner, Lissening to music thats loude your car shakes or a baby crying in its carseat not just as much of a distraction as a cell phone. I hate driving and using a cell phone it just doesn't work for me but my husband on the other hand seems to drive better while using one. Then you have idiots who know what there doing is straight dangerous like putting on make up but don't give a dam. I don't if attacking cell phone use well driving is actually going to make a dam difference when theres so many other things in a car that are just as distracting.

Don't blame the machine blame the user!


Hand held cellphone use in cars now illegal

I agree with this rule. Multi-tasking is a no-no in Driving - it requires full concentration because not only your life is at stake but the lives of your passengers and other drivers. I come from a country where driving rules are optional and traffic accidents are every day occurence and even when we have so many rules, nobody seems to care until they get the consequence of not caring. Members of my family got into traffic accidents because of their confidence in their multi tasking skills, each believing "That will never happen to me." but it did. I'm glad that here in NZ, people are taking this law seriously and the govt is serious in imposing it.


Hand held cellphone use in cars now illegal

i suppose this is a good law having to have both hands on the steering wheel while concentrating with no phone calls - but really is it going to work, people get snapped for drink driving they still drink drive and so on. I just don't know how this is going to work out, not everyone is going to get caught.

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