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I haven't watched hammer throwing in a while, so someone remind me. Is the hammer supposed to go further, or the guy? read full article


Hammer Throw Fail

hahaha total douche lord~


Hammer Throw Fail

Pro Tip: To make holes in the ground, use a shovel intead. gotta love the commitment!


Hammer Throw Fail

We had a mock version of this in college for sports day, spun around and around and around and around, and then passed out, narrowly missing clonking myself on the head. Stupid 'sport'.


Hammer Throw Fail

"Who's the funny guy that put glue on the handle" On a related note... OUCH [video]Jlf5CyKvy5w[/video]


Hammer Throw Fail

thats gotta hurt


Hammer Throw Fail

OUCH.... This looks hilerious even though it wouln't have been funny for him!!!! Make sure you let go next time buddy :)


Hammer Throw Fail

Times like these ya wish you wish you were invisable!!!! thats a minties moment for sure :)

We think there's a little bit left in the tank, so I should be able to squeak out another few feet, hopefully a few more feet but should have let go of it hahaha OUCH


Hammer Throw Fail

He got nailed! by a hammer :)


Hammer Throw Fail

Hmmmmmmmm....let's examine the physics behind this.... Centrifugal force (from Latin centrum "center" and fugere "to flee") represents the effects of inertia that arise in connection with rotation and which are experienced as an outward force away from the center of rotation. In other words, the Newtonian mechanical physics equation is: I + Hm + CF = P IDIOT + HAMMER + CENTRIFUGAL FORCE = PAIN. Simple physics really.


Hammer Throw Fail

that guy knows how to really throw himself into it, thats committment!

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