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How to make Green tea ice cream Ingredients:For the ice cream20gr sugar300gr  green tea syrup700gr milk300gr cream low fat10yolksGreen tea syrup1/2  cup granulated white sugar1/2 cup water2 tsp green teaProcedure:1.  Preparation for the green tea syrup2.  In a  small saucepan add the sugar and the water and let them to boil3.  Add the green tea and stir the mixture well to dissolve any remaining sugar grains.4.  Let it cool .5.  Strain the syrup to remove the tea.6.  The syrup is ready!7. Ice cream preparation8. First mix the sugar  with the yolks and put  them in a pan.9. Then you must add the (cream low... read full article


Green tea ice cream

wow this has to be healthy i can't stand green tea, so i don't think i would try the ice-cream, although there is a first for everything....


Wow is this real blokes food? i guess it would be kinda refreshing!


not a fan of Green tea or any team as I'm a coffee man but I would be keen to try it if it was Long Island Iced tea ice cream.


Green tea syrup? Where to buy please? Plus, since it contains 10 egg yolks, maybe suggestions on what to do with 10 egg whites may be good. Thanks!


*after making this - go get a manicure or a Man O Cure - Bourbon*

Amen brother! Thought they were all turning a bit soft in here!


haha the yin and yang of food!! one hand its green tea- antioxidants vitamins etc. and on the other- sugar, cream, egg yolks!


I have tried a green tea ice cream that I purchased from an asian supermarket and I must say it wasn't for me!


For those doubting that this is real blokes food, don't. This stuff puts hairs on men's chests for sure! I tried it at a Japanese Restaurant one time and liked it a lot though the taste was a little different it complimented the rest of the meal. A word of advise - don't use chopsticks to eat this cause you'll look like a plonker!


Green tea tastes like mild poison. Barnes' idea of Long Island Iced Cream Tea sounds excellent (still working on the name). Sorbet is fairly easy, but ice cream has potential...


Plus the ladies will be impressed. Who want to make me some green tea ice cream? Yum.


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