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A glorious male tradition, or a brainless (but not necessarily painless) daily routine?  Unfortunately shaving for most Kiwi fellas out there involves dragging the dull blade of a disposable razor across one’s face.  Not much to look forward to every morning is it..? However a growing trend amongst NZ males is seeing blokes based anywhere from the Bay of Islands to Bluff paying more attention to their appearance and daily grooming routines.    The Goodfella is a precision-made metal shaving tool inspired by the old fashioned method of shaving.  Using the latest design and technology coupled with carefully sourced modern... read full article


Goodfella Safety Razors

The original chrome is definitely the ticket. Takes me back to a time when cool water was all you needed for your face after a shave instead of moisturiser, exfoliants and all manner of other girlfriend pleasing products


Goodfella Safety Razors

Gotta go with the Satin Black. Black is slimming after all...


Goodfella Safety Razors

Original chrome of course. And some Bay Rum to go with it.


Goodfella Safety Razors

Chrome!! just like the bumper on a classic car. or the model T ford truck..now they were built to last!!!


Goodfella Safety Razors

I shave my head and face so the Satin Black Goodfella Safety Razor would definately save me alot on disposeable razors and decrease my carbon footprint.


Goodfella Safety Razors

Satin black - for a satiny smooooth finish :D


Goodfella Safety Razors

Satin black. Because I already have a chrome thong and several pairs of stainless steel undies. Black for me.


Goodfella Safety Razors

Satin Black - Sleeker, sexier looking.


Goodfella Safety Razors

I have to say its Chrome for me - Kind of says 'This is the business end of shaving'. Like a .45 says this is the business end of being a goodfella.


Goodfella Safety Razors

Nice shiny Chrome

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