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Rating – Gears of War 3 is rated R18 in New Zealand Gears of War 3 is the explosive final chapter in a series renowned for big guns, even bigger blokesand massive action. In Gears of War 3 players wield everything from the chainsaw-machinegun lancer rifle to massive alien catapults in a desperate attempt to save the last remnants of humanity.Recruited into the elite Delta Squad, players join in the search for leader Marcus’ Fenix’s lost father and the key to winning the war against the ferocious locust horde and lambent threat. Gears of War 3 comes complete with one of the best multiplayer experiences available on the online gaming service... read full article


Gears of War 3 Giveaway

Would love to score this one. I'm 18 plus so l qualify!


Holy Cow !!! This is the Holy Grail of XBox gaming...if I'm 54 do I get 3 entries???


Looks like every one is sleeping in today Clyde- just you and me in to win !!!

Enter by contributing to the Health & Fitness forum!


I contributed to the heath and fitness forum how do i know if im in the draw?


You wont until you win (or don't- which will not help your dilemma). Many of us here can testify that the entries do in fact register and the prizes are indeed won by a plethora of (usually) deserving participants to the wonderful cyberspace that is GetFrank.


O for Outrageously awesome....lmao!


yes please!!


Ooh, nice! Kinda wishing I had a console!


I will buy .... maybe ...unless Clyde or Fiona or DeeDee or Jabes or Stephen Donald (all the major players in the NZ hero market) don't want me to......

Yes we have to be in to win, good luck old chap!

good luck old chaps!!!...may the best man win.....unless the best women does of course lol


Would love to win this for my husband who has just found out he has type 2 diabetties and has to loose a lot of weight have posted a new topic for any sugesstions to help us achive this goal great comp by the way and yay my log in finally works :)

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