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To incentivise your in-field game, you should heed the words of Alec Baldwin’s character Capt. Ellerby in The Departed (2006): read full article


Game: The Rule Book

Ah Colt, it's always difficult for any grand master like yourself to cover all bases when appealing to a broad audience such as Frank members. All the same, you have hit on a number of fundamentals that will no doubt improve the odds for your readers/students. And for that I am sure they are eternally grateful. On a couple of specific points, and in my humble experienced opinion, the whole dis or 'negging' game really needs to be downplayed or avoided unless you are incredibly witty - which is very different to being charming, interesting or suave. Maybe if you're very good at reading people and can sense almost immediately that the type of woman you are talking to will not in any way be offended, then you might have a chance. The strategy of knocking her off balance/tugging gently on her self esteem/having her second guess, can be useful and even successful but deploying a 'dis' or put down tactic (about how she looks, or anything else most women would take personally) is likely to potentially make you come across as negative, and lesson your chances of having her digits at the end of the night - not increase your odds (again, in my humble opinion). To be fair Colt, you do strongly suggest being moderate in this area, and rightfully advise those new to the game that it's going to take a lot of practice. Maybe, better still would be to learn the art of quality conversation. Most hot/attractive women (with the exception of the cock-blockers who quite frankly are a waste of time unless your intention is merely to fuck them that night – and that's a whole other subject), will enjoy and actively participate in a conversation with you. There's several reasons for this; firstly she's going to know that you're not just another pisshead who has had enough (too much) booze to finally be able to approach her with some inane, slurred comment, secondly she will get a sense of your 'intellectual interests' (as opposed to pure intellect) meaning you may just strike some common ground, thirdly (and the most important rule of quality conversation) ask questions and she will be only too flattered to answer and expand. And to those that are in the early stages of learning the art of picking up woman, regardless of how imperfect you might execute the aforementioned advice, the mere fact you have tried and are showing genuine interest in her will often be all you need. Believe me it's how I, and probably every other guy started and the results only keep getting better and better. Look forward to the next installment of pickup advice from you Colt. Keep up the work! Richard

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