Discussing :: From the cradle to the grave, has this gone too far?

Recession Increases Need for Welfare Reform While socialists have blamed capitalism and the free market for the global financial crisis, economist Richard M. Salsman holds “altruism” responsible. In his article “Altruism: The Moral Root of the Financial Crisis”, he explains that altruism, which is based on the notion that being moral consists of sacrificing oneself for the needs of others, has long been a driving force of government policy.[1] In the US, not only has this resulted in a burgeoning welfare state, but altruistic home ownership initiatives targeted at minority groups, created a house of cards of catastrophic... read full article


From the cradle to the grave, has this gone too far?

There seems little question in the public's mind that the poverty trap of Welfare-ism is a real fact of life. But to move from the systems we have now will bring major public outcry. But, if we do nothing, the problem simply builds and builds. Ghetto type slums will become a fact of our cities. Poverty driven crime will continue to grow. bitterness between Have Not's against the Haves will increase. Why does the State not believe that we can actually take responsibility for our own lives? Certainly there will always be those who really must be cared for all through their lives. But most of us are not like that. We chose to believe we cannot find work, chose to move to Kaitaia where there is limited job opportunities, chose to exaggerate our sore back. Because this is an easier way of living and we can get away with it. But it does bugger all for our much vaunted Mana as a Maori who make up a major portion of Welfare State "clients". Bugger all for our self esteem. Nothing to encourage the next generation to behave differently. So we need as a Nation, to buckle up against the short term thinkers, and accept and demand change for the better, as and when the Government of the day has the courage to promote it.


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