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HAPPY EGGS JOIN HAPPY BACON Freedom Farms Introduces Free Range Eggs From the people who brought you the first SPCA-approved bacon available in New Zealand comes the latest offering from Freedom Farms - free range eggs! There are only voluntary standards when it comes to labeling eggs ‘free range’ so there are several consistencies on defining what is truly free range. Freedom Farms focus on finding the REAL good free range chook farms, only putting these eggs in their boxes. This way you can be sure that you are buying free range eggs from the genuine good guys! And you don’t have to take their word for it – the SPCA has... read full article


No more battery caged chucks


mmmm tasty and animal-cruelty-free, what a perfect combination!


I eat lots of eggs!!:)


Would love to try some free range eggs


Those videos of battery farmed animals are quite shocking.


Grandparents always had chooks that were free range and more like pets, grew up to like great eggs.


yes please add me in :)


An ethical and tastier option.


went to buy some free range eggs yesterday and there was a massive black spider in the carton. Left that one for the next sucker and grabbed a different tray!


freedom farms cares for there chickens, so great result happen with good health free range eggs. We support you too. LOVE free range eggs yum for our kids.


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