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The folk from Jim Beam New Zealand were excited to host, Fred Booker Noe III this month, the great grandson of Jim Beam himself and 7th generation master distiller direct from the Jim Beam distillery in Kentucky, USA, who made his first ever visit to Kiwi shores.To mark Fred’s inaugural visit, fledging bartenders from Auckland’s Professional Restaurant & Bar School were invited to enter a competition to create a unique new way for Kiwis to enjoy Jim Beam, by blending bourbon with an all-new New Zealand inspired mixer. Kentucky is the home of the Mint Julep – so students were charged with trying to create a New Zealand equivalent.Three... read full article


Fred Noe Bourbon Cocktail Comp

A career that I would have been happy to have been born into. Travelling and judging cocktail competitions for a living, now that's what I call work.


Fred Noe Bourbon Cocktail Comp

oooooh wouldn't have minded being a judge. They all sound so good that i might even give them a go.


Fred Noe Bourbon Cocktail Comp

Can't believe noone thought of using pavlova, that's as kiwi as it comes. Jam a slice of pavlova into a highball, top up with Jim Beam, ta-da, don't mind if I do..


Fred Noe Bourbon Cocktail Comp

Who would have thought you could mix it with something else than Coke!?, haha. But then again I am from "The Hutt"..


Fred Noe Bourbon Cocktail Comp

Cocktails are the bar equivalent of chemistry


Fred Noe Bourbon Cocktail Comp

I reckon Clayton! Probably better tasting than my Woodstock and Coke, but I did experiment I have tried Coke zero and Diet Coke never Pepsi though. LOL


Fred Noe Bourbon Cocktail Comp

Awesome event. Although I couldn't be there, like every Jim Beam event, I am there in "Spirit".


Fred Noe Bourbon Cocktail Comp

I have tried all three of these mixes. these guys certainly know their trade. awesome


Fred Noe Bourbon Cocktail Comp

Jimmy Beam blends are my No.1 drink all Sour Mash labels including Rye. I have tried a lot of different Jimmy Beam cocktails and enjoyed them all. These 3 cocktails I have to try and I am sure they are bound to be to my taste. Keep up the good work gents and thank you for what looks like to be a pleasurable evening for me savouring the 3 cocktail tastes.


Fred Noe Bourbon Cocktail Comp

bourbin cocktails = good times


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