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Kicking off Frank's Top 7 in Style for March 2011... Logitech S715i rechargeable speakers This portable speaker for your iPod and iPhone gives you bold crisp sound that’ s easy to carry around. Pulling the power of eight drivers together the S715i delivers stunning audio performance at any volume level with up to eight hours battery powered play time - it brings music to you – whether you’ re sitting at your desk with the AUX-IN capability plugged into your laptop, moving from room to room or heading to a mates house for a drink this is your key to having top quality sound where ever and whenever you want it. RRP $299.90,... read full article


Frank's Top 7 in Style - March 2011

Wow, what an awesome alarm clock it would make in conjunction with the IPOD! We'd never be late for work ever again.


oooo I would LOVE the logitech speakers! Definitely a step-up from my egg-sized ones I put in my soup pot (I swear they go louder!) Would love love love to have the coffee maker in my kitchen too. How cool!


would have far greater sound then my very small (35cmx35cm)/better ipod speaker.Awesome


My playlists are far too good not to be shared ;p


Just moved into an apartment, haven't got a TV or a radio yet so adding this to the place would be a nice touch !!


New house - but no house music.. or any music, I need a Sound system :/


It would be great to win this as my kids reckon I am the oldest person in the world and this would be great as it is up to date technology


Would love the Logitech S715i rechargeable speakers!!


Speakers play music. Music is good. Therefore, these speakers will be good for me


It has to be the speakers - music is life.


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