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With the recent upswing of cocktail lounges and city bars now taking pride in delivering a real drink - we’re starting to see the welcome return of classics such as the Rusty Nail , the Manhattan , and the Sazerac .Whether you’re a party animal, a decadent dinner party host or simply enjoy the opportunity to get your friends around for a drink the ability to cater with a home bar can place you in a class of your own. Below follows Frank’s essentials for a home bar, this collection will allow you to serve the most common known cocktails and lays the foundation to begin catering for specific recipes by just adding a bottle or two as you... read full article


What a Wicked prize my flat got broken into on st. pats night after we had gone to bed they stole all our alcohol. which was two bottles of Tequila 2 bottles of bourbon..and my ipod..i would really love this as i cant afford any new bottles and have resulted in RTDS and CHEAP Wine =[


I'd ensconse the lot in a specially made art decco cocktail cabnet. Every night I'd prepare a different cocktail of my own devising to share with a special friend. For starters - it'd be 'Stolen Kisses' - a slick and slippery mix of Stolen Rum, Cointreau, Disaronno Amaretto and a muddled orange quarter, stirred over ice and topped up with Tonic water. Sometime a little of my hoard would find it's way into a very special dinner dish. My flounder poached in a Vermouth, lemon & butter combo is justly famous. And, of course, an occasional dessert would make its' appearance enhanced by the addition of some luscious spirits. Because of the tender loving care I would lavish on such a collection - I would certainly be the perfect custodian for this precious cargo. I would savour it and make it last - oooh, for ages, I should think!


Always thought it'd be cool to setup a mini-bar ala Gregory House style, off 'House"


Yaye!!! ...I know exactly what I would do!!! I would 'finally' have a 21st!!!! ... I am now 40! With 5 kids... ...and 5 grandkids!


I would create the best party ever!!! 40th coming up and karaoke just like my 30th!! So need alcohol for that ha.


I would hold a Family and friend gathering and serve them up all their favourite drinks


I would have a cocktail-drinks party at home, serving Frozen Margharitas, Baileys on ice, and Cointreau on the rocks, listening to music and having DEEP (certainly, after a couple of Margharitas...) conversations!


We have a house-warming coming up in the next month, plus my wife and I have a combined celebration of our 40th birthdays in June. We could combine everything to one awesome night and have a whole range of cocktails but straight shots for those that are keen.


I would save all these goodies for my wedding at the end of the year. I would love to set up a little bar and have someone serve drinks for us all night. This would make that idea come true.. I'm thinking some straight whiskeys on the rocks and cigars would be a great way to celebrate the day. and then later on in the evening when everyone is getting into party mode we could get into the Whiskey COCKTAILS!! Blue Blazer(Scotch, water, sugar), Manhattan(Canadian whiskey, sweet vermouth), Presbyterian(whiskey, club soda, ginger ale), Washington Apple for the girls(Canadian whiskey, apple schnapps and cranberry juice )... so many yummy cocktails it would take to long to name them all.... And of course plenty of SHOTS along the way. This would be an amazing prize to win :D


I would host a midwinter cocktail party. Several of my friends are good barmen, and with the combo of their skills and these drinks, a debaucherous night of frivolity and scandal would surely follow. We're famous among our friends for these sorts of parties, and this prize pack would certainly set the next one off!

We'd probably start with something exotic (a Road Runner?) and move into the more simple drinks as the night progressed (Screwdrivers). We've got the help of a good cocktail blender to help


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