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With the recent upswing of cocktail lounges and city bars now taking pride in delivering a real drink - we’re starting to see the welcome return of classics such as the Rusty Nail , the Manhattan , and the Sazerac .Whether you’re a party animal, a decadent dinner party host or simply enjoy the opportunity to get your friends around for a drink the ability to cater with a home bar can place you in a class of your own. Below follows Frank’s essentials for a home bar, this collection will allow you to serve the most common known cocktails and lays the foundation to begin catering for specific recipes by just adding a bottle or two as you... read full article


Frank's Home Bar Essentials

I would save it till my Birthday in October, and have a few close friends around, I would make a few cocktails and the normal mixes and straight drinks as my friends would like them, as I used to be a Barman

After 30 years of marriage, we've never been able to afford a 'housewarming' - this would go down a treat!


Wow, what a reward. My son's gf is having a baby in June, and this would be a wonderful way to have a family n friends party with him before baby is born. We could have all his friends around and drink to the health of a beautiful new baby. After all the world's bad news of recent times, something nice and beautiful is just what's needed to be celebrated... a NEW Life brought into the world. OK... who's thirsty.


My wife and I would invite some friends around to enjoy this and to take our mind off the earthquakes we have been through. It would be a great time just to have a few laughs (which are lacking at the moment with whats going on here in Christchurch). I need these drinks!!! Please put me into the draw GetFrank!!


Wow this would be the perfect 21st present, im planning on haveing a full cocktail eveing and this would be the best way to start. i would serve green grasshoppers and long island ice teas also would be making my own creation called a mp involves vokda and flavoured liquers layerd into a glass with a floating half shot of tequlia in the middle absalut bliss


I would invite as many of my good frends and have a huge cocktail party and have fluffy duck and black russians just like the old days


I'd invite everyone i know around for a Saturday much like my Boxing day drinks, cocktails all round.


Seeing its my Grandma's 70th soon i think this prize would go down as the best present in the history of the world. Period. Because she is trying 70 she has this rebellious streak in her and whats to try new and exciting things. One ( or many ) of which could be the unlimited potential of cocktails that could be made from the prize pack. Cointreau and Irish cream = Caress. Is a possibility she and the rest of the party would like.


Sweet Chivas Regal, come to me my friend. Forget the cocktails, straight up, that's the way. Mmmm ...zzz


How cool! I'd take it to our next Caravan Rally and set up a bar for all the Oldies. Do a 1940's theme and serve them all their old favorites like Martini's, Manhattan, Gibson, Gin frizz etc. What a hoot! the Campground would be rocking!

Sorry Photo turned out huge!


I'm 50 in December, so this package would be perfect! I would get my oldest friends around for a 50th birthday cocktail party ..... just like when we were in our teens and pretending to be sophisticated. Maybe start with something rum based .... a tasty Cabana Club .... move on to the Vodka with a nice Blow Job ..... no Ouzo so would unfortunately have to give the Super Balrog a miss, but could always use the Tequila instead .... and I have always been very partial to Tequila ..... in a good old fashioned Tequila Sunrise. By this time everybody would be nicely loose and to prove that while we may be older that we haven't lost our sense of adventure it would be time to move on to the house specialty ..... the Pan Galactic Gargle Blaster! This particular version basically involves throwing in a little of everything the maker can lay his hands on ..... and as described in The Hitchikers Guide to the Galaxy is like having your brains smashed out by a slice of lemon, wrapped 'round a large gold brick. Just like the good old days! :-)


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