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Foreplay… This weekend had been an interesting time for me, getting back to basics with my business and returning to doing parties I have rekindled my love affair with my business and  has reconfirmed to me why I am so passionate about what I do. Saturday 2pm was my first party; I arrived to find that it was a couples party. Fantastic! I hadn’t done one of these types of parties for such a long time. Invariably the topic always returns to foreplay and 'is this necessary' - interestingly though, this topic is always brought up by one of the males who is then swiftly given a good kick from his partner! (And sideways glances from... read full article



It certainly makes for a better time for both people concerned. You have to keep making an effort in order to keep the home fires burning so to speak!



put in the effort and you will get the rewards !!! it is worth it



Sex can become monotonous,ad a bit of variety, try new positions, or as my mate puts it "keeping it fresh".. build up the mood, candles, or how about in a room with just the fire roaring, you get back what you put in!



If the foreplay is hot the sex will be reallllly hot :)



i agree the foreplay is the lead up, if thats lousy then you wont get much outta the final act



Yes i fully agree with this article me and my wife have only been married for three years but our sex life is great and the foreplay is what keeps us both wanting more but only just the right amount because i believe there also is such a thing as too much foreplay aswel.



Foreplay = amazing sex



"Most women who I talk to at parties agree that sometimes when in a long term relationship things can get very boring, as the expectation on sex is too great from their partners and yes, these woman would like to be able to get back to how things were in the days before 'boring' set in" i think they need to get into it a bit more...



Variety is the spice of life. I'm all for monogamous longterm relationships but it doen't mean you can't keep it 'fresh' with each other. Getting stuck into a routine is the fastest way for a relationship to fail!



all part of the fun


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