Discussing :: Foods to keep you young

The quest for youth has been the eternal challenge for the aging populations of the world. From what we have learned we know that both health and beauty stem from lifestyle and nutrition choices we make every day. Here is some scientific research based information on 7 key food groups that do in fact preserve the health and beauty of the people who make them a staple of their diets.   Olive OilFour decades ago, researchers from the Seven Countries Study concluded that the monounsaturated fats in olive oil were largely responsible for the low rates of heart disease and cancer on the Greek island of Crete. Now we know that olive oil also contains... read full article


Foods to keep you young

Well I definitely eat enough chocolate and drink enough wine.. would love some blueberries but not a $7-$8 a punnet!!


Foods to keep you young

I would whole heartedly agree with blueberries - they are so very very good for you. And yes Marty, they are horrendously expensive, but we found a local blueberry farm (10 mins drive away), and while they are in season, I go and pick my own. I pick enough to freeze too. So much cheaper - $9 approx for a 2l ice cream container full AND you get to eat as many as you want while you're picking them. My sons and I just loooooove doing this in summer. It's the best.


Foods to keep you young

With the amount of chocolate I eat (and wine I drink) I'll be young forever! :)


Foods to keep you young

Good news on the chocolate & wine As for heart disease - the latest research points to needing to eat more animal fat and meat for a healthy heart and blood vessels. Check out articles by this doctor - Dr. Dwight Lundell. Also check out the Fathead documentary by Tom Naughton. It's funny & intersting, but has a lot of serious facts in it.


Foods to keep you young

The argument for Wine benefiting you is not correct here.O(r at the very least misleading. . Even though a glass of wine may help reduce risk of heart disease, and despite this article is no way proven as fact, the harm it does in other areas such as weight gain , hypertension and strokes could outway the means of drinking. Also the same qualitys that are beneficial from wine can also be achieved by Grape juice , grapes and other such fruits , woithout the harmful side effects.


Foods to keep you young

Foods to keep you young? Fruit, vegetables, small amounts of lean meat, and of course, nuts!


Foods to keep you young

I like the sound of the chocolate... will have to remember that one next time I'm in a shop trying not to buy it... lol


Foods to keep you young

I'll listen to anything that tells drinking more is good for you..


Foods to keep you young

Fish... does that include fish & chips :D


Foods to keep you young

fish is good, chocolate is better


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