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I can’t believe it, I’ve only just realised that the jolly man in the red suit and grey beard (no, not Grandpa Joe) is only 8 sleeps away. Whilst I’ve managed to secure the ham, turkey, bbq goodies, Christmas tarts (and heaven forbid I forget the presents for the kids) I’ve not even given a thought to the wine! Crikey. Now the thing with my family is that everyone likes to think they know all about wine. So when it comes to matching the wines with our classic Anglo-Kiwi fare I thought that some solid advice would not go astray, and will certainly help if you’re like me and need to embark on that mercy dash to the local wine shop... read full article


Food and wine matching for Christmas

Christmas is a great time to unwind and relax.Just remeber the old saying what you put in is what you get out !!! Merry Christmas guys


Food and wine matching for Christmas

My xmas has already started, kick back an relax???? Found a great red wine that you can chill in the fridge and then drink, goes well with great mates at a bbq, cheers all, have a great xmas, cheers


Food and wine matching for Christmas

The best of all gifts around any Christmas tree: the presence of a happy family all wrapped up in each other.


Food and wine matching for Christmas

xmas is always a good excuse to over indulge especially in food, why not let you go for a bit...lifes too short!


Food and wine matching for Christmas

ye xmas is good and all, eat lots of food, drink lots of wine relax for days on end without a care untill we all go back to work. but i think we should all spare a thought for all those people who either, can't afford to have the luxury to take time off work or are stuck in a job where they have no choice. cause it sucks man!!


Food and wine matching for Christmas

Awesome post - my friends are always looking for advice on wine - sharing this article.


Food and wine matching for Christmas

Good article - I've always found that keeping things as simple as possible over the break is the best way to go. Some good beers for the hot days time (Grolsch is wonderful) and the real-deal Champagne for everything else. The only downside is the high acid levels in bubbly means either a supply of Gaviscon or - better - milk with the old splash of whisky!


Food and wine matching for Christmas

My experience is it is a waste of dosh to provide too many "good" bottles of wine as after the first 2 or 3 drinks no one really gives a hoot or can really tell the diff. any more.


Food and wine matching for Christmas

I worked at a restaurant and this was definitely the hardest part of my job. Had lots of tastings and teaching to get the head around it but this is a really good basic cover.


Food and wine matching for Christmas

The Xmas and New Year is best for great food, wine and friends/family. For a nice red try Wooing Tree Pinot Nnoir, it's about $38 but worth it. The Lobster Reef is a nice Sav Blanc and about $17.00. or if you like Beer...I love Carlsberg, Crown lager and Steinie Pure goes down well with anything and everything.

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