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If last year’s most-viewed YouTube clip, ‘David After the Dentist’, has taught us anything, it is that it’s okay to exploit your seriously doped-up kid for fame and fortune (as long as you don’t pretend he escaped in an oversized helium balloon). It has also shown us why the Flip Video mini camcorder is one of the niftiest gadgets to make it big in 2009: Dave’s dad had one handy to capture the post-dentist delirium. Just think what he could have done now that the device has added high-definition video.The 4GB MinoHD tested here records up to an hour of 16:9 widescreen HD video at 30 frames per second. This is not full 1080... read full article


Flip Video MinoHD Digital Video Recorder

Got one of these for my birthday, its great.. really handy to just slip in your pocket and take anywhere with you rather than some bulky hand held unit. Just like carrying a cellphone. If only I could get it off my kids!!


Flip Video MinoHD Digital Video Recorder

It was great when the Flip range hit the market in New Zealand because it had a huge effect on lowering the prices of competing products, great for the consumer!


Flip Video MinoHD Digital Video Recorder

I'd flippin' love one of those!


Flip Video MinoHD Digital Video Recorder

Now this I could do with, and a double pass to Animal Kingdom, I could see the film at the cinema, and film the kids for their grandma who lives in the UK, and she would have her own film of Animal Kingdom I hear these are pretty good, and was considering buying one but wasn't sure if the zoom was any good.... as I like to film my 7 year olds ice skating comps, if anyone has one, are they anygood?????


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